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Maximize Your Tax Refund

Let Flash Tax Maximize Your Tax Refund

  • FREE at No Cost to You
  • Get an advance from $250 or up to $6,000 of your anticipated refund.
  • Most advances approved within hours of IRS acceptance *
  • Receive Your Money on a Pre Paid Debit Card or a Cashier’s Check
  • Available January (no date anounced yet) through the end of February
  • In addition, an advance or loan as early as January 2nd will be available in the amount as little as $250,  or up to a maximum of $6,000 available on a Prepaid Debit Card.  Contact your preparer for more information.

A request of a “Cash Advance” is not guaranteed however in 2019 we had a very high approval rate.

No determination is made by Flash Tax. We only provide the service.

Call 859-431-5750 for more details, and to schedule an appointment, or schedule an appointment via our web site.