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Personal Tax Refunds

Maximize Your Kentucky Tax Refund

Maximize Your Tax Refund

Let Flash Tax Maximize Your Tax Refund

We believe everyone’s tax situation is unique and can’t be fully maximized using computer software or online e-file. Indeed this may work for a single young professional, once you involve freelance/contacting, divorce, custody issues, joint or shared custody, step children, senior parents, student loans, alimony, multiple employers, investment or rental property, side businesses, hobbies and other situations into the mix, the tax structure becomes more complicated, offering more advantages for you than you may be aware of. We can work with you to evaluate and even help you plan for future years to benefit from tax laws by slightly restructuring your finances, assets and responsibilities.

Federal and State Tax Return Preparation

Flash Tax supports all IRS forms

Flash Tax supports and files all IRS forms

Flash Tax is a professional tax preparation firm with extensive experience in preparing federal and all state tax returns regardless of where you work or live. Our team of tax specialists will ensure your return is complete, accurate, and delivered to you fast. We can file multiple state returns for those taxpayers relocating or working outside of their state of residence during the tax year as well as any local tax returns that may be required. Let us maximize your refund or minimize the amount of money you may owe the IRS and or state. We are knowledgeable of the most recent tax changes as well as expected tax changes for the new year and how they may impact you in the future. And should you get tangled up in the IRS’s new requirements that are set up to help prevent tax fraud, audit or receive a letter regarding a correction or any other matter, we will be there to help get you through. We are assured that you will be satisfied with our service.

We file personal taxes for the following IRS forms and more.

  • W-2
  • W-4
  • W-9
  • 940
  • 941
  • 1040
  • 1040-ES
  • Schedule A
  • Schedule B
  • Schedule C
  • Schedule D
  • Schedule E
  • Schedule EIC
  • 1040-X (Amend)
  • Depreciation 4868
  • Education Credit 8863
  • Change of Address 8822