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About Flash Tax

Flash Tax is a full service federal income tax preparation service preparing ALL state and local returns required. We work to maximize your personal and small business taxes, likely getting you more money back than from store bought tax software or an online e-file program. Come see us today and stuff your pockets with your tax refund!

Why Flash Tax?

We provide fast, accurate income tax preparation services for busy people on the go. We’ll get you the maximum income tax refund you’re entitled to when you take advantage of our tax service. We can prepare your personal or business tax return no matter where you are located nationwide.

Flash Tax is a professional tax preparation firm with extensive experience in preparing federal and all state tax returns. Our team of tax specialists will ensure your return is complete, accurate, and delivered to you fast. We can file multiple state returns for those taxpayers relocating or working outside of their state of residence during the tax year and we are assured that you will be satisfied.

It is easy to get your income taxes prepared with us! Just drop off, fax, or e-mail your information. Or schedule an appointment or schedule a pick up. Be sure to have all necessary ID’s and supporting documents with you!

All of our employees meet or exceed the required IRS 2013 requirements for tax preparation.

We have been in business since 1993 and are always available to meet our clients needs.

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